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We have talented singers from all over the globe who performed at our events. We are in search to promote more and represent them to a wide audience. We do this by working with the artists and promote their talents. Communicate with us if you know someone or to provide any feedback about an event you recently attended. We are here to provide feedback and take it to the highest level.

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  • La Docle Vita
    September 4, 2020 ,2:32 pm

    Live! – The Global Music Festival

    We are very proud to invite you to the biggest Global Music Festival LIVE! This is an Official Event, so everybody is warmly welcome!


    This unique festival is one of the biggest in the world, it blends artists coming from many different countries, thus perfectly representing the spirits of the International community. In this event, where 13 Artists will perform for you. So spread the word and join this truly global event.

    Talent and excellence should be shared and visible to the world!

    That’s why many attendees from all over the world have prepared this unforgettable event full of outstanding performances, delivered to you by well-known musicians that will delight you with music from varying international and cultural backgrounds.

    Transporting you to other worlds through music takes a lot of time and dedication. These artists make a living out of sharing their passion for music. Hence, we kindly ask you to acknowledge their contributions to our festival by making a ‘Support the Art’ Payment during the event. We will make that easy for you! Please remember to download a QR Reader app beforehand.

    Get ready to enjoy some relaxing of over five hours of music and gain further insight through interviews with our gifted musicians.

    Artist, Country, ‘Support the Art’ Link

    Tze Toh, Singapore – https://t2m.io/TzeToh
    Christopher Duigan, South Africa, – https://t2m.io/Chris
    Esther van Maanen, The Netherlands – https://t2m.io/Esther
    Marina Martin Maldonado, Spain – https://t2m.io/Marina
    David Pagan, Belgium – https://t2m.io/David
    Silviu Dumitrache, Romania – https://t2m.io/Silviu
    Leyna Sadki, Morocco – https://t2m.io/Leyna
    Ilia Vasiachkin, Ukraine – https://t2m.io/Ilia
    Nikita, Russia – https://t2m.io/Nikita
    Ginger Brew, Ghana – https://t2m.io/Ginger
    Aybike Aydemir, Turkey – https://t2m.io/Aybike
    Laura Buenrostro, Mexico – https://t2m.io/Laura
    Nilo, USA/Colombia – https://t2m.io/Nilo


    La Dolce Vita Europe

    We looking forward to seeing you at this unforgettable event!

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