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La Dolce Vita / Events  / Marina Martin & Silviu Dumitrache: Timeless Sonatas – The London Premier

Marina Martin & Silviu Dumitrache: Timeless Sonatas – The London Premier

Friday 26th of April 2024

Starts at 19:30 – Doors Open at 19:00

St Pauls Covent Garden
Bedford Street

Captivating Duo: Marina Martin & Silviu Dumitrache – Timeless Sonatas – The London Debut


Immerse in Belgium’s musical legacy with Marina Martin & Silviu Dumitrache’s London debut. The evening showcases Franck and Lekeu’s timeless sonatas, echoing rich emotions from the late Romantic era. Yuri Frolov adds a contemporary twist with his Concert Fantasy on Gershwin’s themes. A night of passion, history, and enchantment.

The Concert

Embark on a mesmerising journey as the enchanting duo, Marina Martin and Silviu Dumitrache, make their much-anticipated London debut, casting a spell with their virtuosity on the violin and piano. This evening is a dedicated exploration of two extraordinary sonatas that stand as living embodiments of Belgium’s rich musical heritage.

César Franck’s timeless Violin Sonata and Guillaume Lekeu’s Sonata in G serve as profound testaments to Belgium’s enduring contribution to the chamber music repertoire. Born in the late Romantic era, these compositions are exquisite cascades of diverse emotions, intricately woven to captivate the soul.

Dedicated to the Belgian virtuoso Eugène Ysaye, these masterpieces were unveiled in Brussels, with Ysaye himself gracing the premiere on the violin. A pivotal moment in classical music history, these premieres firmly anchor the sonatas in the heart of Belgium’s cultural legacy.

Franck’s Sonata in A major, crafted as a wedding gift for Ysaye and Louise Bourdeau in 1886, unfolds in a series of movements. From the calm and reflective opening, through a dramatic and turbulent scherzo, to an almost Wagnerian fantasia, the sonata culminates in a jubilant coda, emanating sweet, pure, and lyrical themes.

Lekeu’s Sonata for Violin and Piano in G Major, completed in 1892, reveals the influence of his mentor, César Franck. Following the cyclical principle, Lekeu weaves recurring themes throughout each movement, creating a synthesis of melancholy, restlessness, and chromatic language punctuated by bursts of passionate energy, resulting in riveting dramatic climaxes.

Adding a final touch to the evening, experience a final Sonata of Violin and Piano of Granados in E minor.

Join us for an unforgettable night, where timeless melodies and evocative stories converge, showcasing the brilliance of Belgium’s musical legacy in the hands of Marina Martin and Silviu Dumitrache

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